How to Learn German – The smart way

Exciting news!

The German Tutor, in collaboration with Smart Deutsch, will offer FREE LECTURES on the subject: “How to Learn German”.

I will give the lectures myself and, wait for it, they will be completly FREE OF CHARGE!

We decided to offer a maximum of two lectures every month and we are looking for locations where they could take place (in Berlin, in other German cities, via streaming… there are so many possibilities!).

If you have a place or know suitable locations, organisations or whatever, contact us and we will discuss further details.

The contents fo the lecture will be:

  • Motivation: the Psychology of Language Learning
  • Conscious and Subconscious Learning
  • Training and Discipline
  • German Grammar: how, what, when and how much
  • Exercises and Schedules

The lecture will be 90 minutes long, followed by 30-45′ minutes for questions and further discussion.

The language can be English, French, Spanish or Italian (depending on the participants).

The entrance should be free of charge for all participants and the location should allow at least 30 people to attend the event.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate and contact us right now! Or at least: share this post!


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